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Fr. Jeff's Monthly Stewardship Newsletter

August 1, 2016

It would seem that the Summer heat is finally upon us this week. I have always felt that I am not much of a summer person, as I have no appreciation for the heat and the humidity. On the other hand, Fr. Thomas feels right at home during this weather! I do like living in Wisconsin because of our four distinct seasons, but the appeal of the summer heat eludes me. Whatever the case may be, enjoy these days and use them to find some rest and joy in your lives.

With this monthly mailing we are including the second installment in our parish information. This section concerns our individual parish finances. We shared the basic information packets, as well as some further clarification, in last month’s mailing.

This month we present a summary of the past five years for both income and expenses, as well as some information about the value of our parish sites and how that value might in some way affect our future plans as a Tri-Parish Cluster.

The information that you are receiving comes from a document that we submit each year to the Archdiocese called the Confidential Financial Statement or the “CFS”.  The document itself covers all the budget centers that influence parish life such as Salaries, Christian Formation, Catholic Schools and the like. What is presented here is a summary of the last 5 fiscal years for each parish.

There is a set of three pages for each parish. You will notice that page one and page three go together so that they can be compared side by side. Page Two contains the appraisal information and a short list of deferred maintenance items we are looking at for each parish site.

We are sure that some of the information will generate questions and we will be happy to offer any clarifications that we can. Thank you for your attention to this part of the process. For the next month and into the beginning of September, we will be working on the first complete draft of the Strategic Plan to be shared at parish meetings in September. These parish meetings will be followed by some sessions for all of you to offer feedback and suggestions. We rely on your wisdom and participation to share the best information available and to move ahead in the most responsible manner possible. Please continue to pray for all involved and for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as we chart our future together in hope.


Fr. Thomas, Fr. Jeff and the Council Members and Pastoral Staff of our Tri-Parish Family.





Since we are now serving three parishes, the easiest way to reach us is after mass, by phone or email.

E-mail Fr. Jeff  <frjeff@ihmwestallis.com> or tel. (262) 424-3341
E-mail Fr. Tom <frtom@ihmwestallis.com> or tel. (262) 945-8071

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